I Choose to Better Use. . .

There is a darkness to these times – a suffocating tightness of the chest – a drifting cloud of foul smoggy gas – a dark toned feeling of loss and despair in the absurdities leaking forth from the media and the minute by minutia of the news.

There is a newness to the light of these times as well, a piercing shine that is not quite a glare in the early morning of just now spring, a gleaming gold reflected from windowpane and tree leaf and grass blade, a glimmering of hope that rings through clear in the songs of the mind and the hot beating of the heart.

And so I choose the latter vision and now refuse to be manipulated and swayed by the darkness of the media tunnel vision delusion. I choose to be aware and active in the here and now. To breath in and know that I am breathing in. To breathe out and know that I am breathing out. To simply smile and be at ease with what is and let the warm light flow, the snow drift, and the river run.

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