I’m sitting here in the dark

wondering if it will ever grow light.

The gravity has pulled me down

into the core where the hydrogen freezes

and the rock melts.

I’m sitting here wondering if

this is all there is

now that the dog faced man

has been swallowed whole

by the giant tree.

I’d sit there in the shade

if I could

and she might bring me

some papaya or a pear or a coconut

and we could watch the waves come in

to the shore

washing it all away.

2 Replies to “constellation”

    1. Hey! and thanks! Its a partial allusion to a song about love and addiction called “Cold, cold, cold” by an old seventies jam band, Little Feat:

      I called room, room service,
      I’m down here on my knees.
      A peach, or a pear, or a coconut please. . .
      but they was cold. . . cold . . . cold. . .”

      and I’ve been back in the states for two years now, from Asia, so I really kind of miss the papaya. . . 🙂

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